Eco-friendly Gifts for 2020: The Green Gift Guide

A roundup of eco-friendly gifts for every type of person on your list – from the zero waste crusader, to the beauty guru, to the world traveler – plus eco-friendly gifts for kids and pets too!

Whether you are planning for a minimalist Christmas or looking for some sustainable gifts ideas, we cover conscious and ethical brand options to make those eco friendly gifts even more special.

  1. Cruelty free and eco-friendly makeup for her

2. For the litlle one ecothinkers

3. gifts for him

4. More for her

How to wrap an eco friendly gift

If you’ve gone to the effort of finding (or making) an eco friendly gift this season, the last thing you want to do is wrap it in some plastic-based wrapping paper!

Most store-bought wrapping paper is not actually recyclable or compostable. A good way to test if the paper is recyclable is to do the scrunch test. It should also be noted that sticky tape left on paper means that it cannot be recycled!

Wrappily is a great eco friendly wrapping paper brand that you can buy online. Made from recycled newspaper, and a soy-based ink, Wrappily have some stunning reversible designs that are recyclable and compostable.

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